Safe Living

High end multi-family and single-family residential developments that are designed for luxurious living in good times and safety in storms.

Our buildings keep residents safe in hurricanes, fires, floods, and tornadoes.

Example from the US

Engineered to withstand 220mph winds, with kitchens and bathrooms built off-site, shipped to the job site and then set on the foundation. Concrete structures then placed on top (note: the interior build out is indistinguishable from a traditional build).

In the recent hurricane:

“From Grassy key to Cudjoe key really got slammed. So much devastation. We got 120-130 winds with gusts to 150-160 15 huge trees in our yard pulled up out of the ground. The highway is littered with huge piles of people’s lives. Our band directors house was in Grassy key and it was washed across the highway from the beach. So many houses flooded 2-12 ft surge on Oceanside and roofs blown off or worse. It will take about a year or two to get back to normal. The homes you built look amazing. Great job on those. We need more building like that in FLA.”

Jeannie Cole Gracy

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