Our Modular Units Are:

High Quality

Very low construction tolerance through precision forming technology and high structural strength.


Stackable, pre-finished with inserts, openings, conduits, finishes, utility connections (water, waste, power, gas, air-con) and unit connection detailing. No plastering is required.


Earthquake, Typhoon/Hurricane resistant, Fire resistant and weather resistant formed with monolithic roof and wall interface.


Mould Machine(s) purpose built to suit design, located on-site or off-site, can be container-sized for remote forming and transported to site, or larger (dependent on-site constraints and crane lifting limits).

Modular Construction Enables:

  • Faster construction with less skilled labour
  • Better collaboration between owner, architect, contractor and subcontractors
  • Improves cash flows/occupancy velocity
  • Safety (fewer workers exposed to traditional construction safety hazards)
  • Production approach rather than traditional construction
  • Less site waste (green), less construction waste (lean), and strength/rigidity
  • Increased efficiency, productivity and improved quality control
  • Monolithic roof and wall interface with no construction joint


Technology suitable for volume low and high-rise housing, schools and commercial buildings.

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Why Modular

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