Lifting Operation

Rigging safety is based on:

  1. The weight of load to be lifted.
  2. The capacity of the hoisting device
  3. The safe working loads of ropes and gears.

Lifting Requirements:

  1. The crane shall be operated by trained, experienced & licensed operators.
  2. Trained in rigging and handling loads and know how to determine weights, judge distances and clearances, select the right equipment for each job and direct operators safely.
  3. Planned and supervised by Lifting Supervisor.
  4. Proper equipment is available, correctly load-rated and maintained in good condition.
  5. Site Supervisor/ Lifting Supervisor takes responsibility for:
  1. Proper rigging of load
  2. Directing the riggers
  3. Safety of rigger, signalers and personnel nearby
  4. Ensuring that equipment is properly maintained, has the required capacity and is correctly assembled;
  5. Rigging set-up is suitable for the job and job conditions